Chris was amazing, a true master. He opened everyone’s eyes, asked tough questions and got right down to the nitty gritty. This value you can only get from Chris Carey Advisors. Fascinating.

Joe Apfelbaum

CEO, Ajax Union


Evaluate Your Business Through the Eyes of a Buyer
One day you may consider the sale of your business, but even if you don’t, understanding the leverage points of a sale will help you develop your strategic plan and improve financial performance.   This session will guide you through the exercise of evaluating your business through the “Eyes of a Buyer.”  Looking at the relative value of your business with the measurement of what someone would be willing to pay for it, is an amazing test of your ultimate value.  The session will help you challenge existing business processes and assumptions about how you are creating business and personal net worth.

Six Steps to Boost Profits
These six steps will provide a basis for each member to honestly assess the performance of their business and provide an understanding of the potential to improve profit.  Each member will take home a clear indication of the design of their business.  These steps will help identify best attributes, and weaknesses and inefficiencies that can be fixed, and will show where members can make more profit.

Strategies to Accelerate Sales
There are a number of selling strategies that every company can employ that will significantly increase sales growth.  From qualifying prospect groups that have the greatest yield, to understanding your total share of customer spend, to developing an outcomes based sales approach, this seminar will give the member insights on approaches that can be implemented today to accelerate sales.

Raising Prices in Difficult Times
The recession created a buying mentality of frugality.  How do we overcome the commoditization and price pressure that every industry is facing?  The seminar will address a number of proven methods of extracting greater value from prospects and customers with increased prices.

Eliminate Waste Through Business Process Mapping
Every business has processes that enable it to deliver on the promise to customers.  However, over time, processes may have sneaked in that add no value, increase costs or actually lead to defects.  This workshop will explore ways of streamlining the processes within your business to reduce costs and improve profit.

Targeting a Liquidity Event
Selling a business for most of us, is a singular event in our professional lives when we hope to realize the greatest return for all of our hard work.  But, you will be up against experts who do this for a living and have the tools and knowledge to get the best deal for themselves and their investors.  Like any endeavor, a clear plan will allow you to position your company to achieve the greatest value.  We will explore a number of topics that will get you started on a strategic plan for a liquidity event.

Leveraging Culture for Performance Improvement
Every business has a culture by which its associates work together and interact with customers and suppliers.  One of the greatest opportunities to improve performance is to understand which cultural tools and approaches will best leverage the strengths of your associates and stay consistent with your message to the marketplace.  We will explore ways to motivate and get the most from your workforce.  The greatest leverage will come from your lowest paid workers.

Accountability Through Measurement Systems
Can you imagine going to a sporting event where they don’t keep score?  For many, this is the environment in which we expect our associates to work.  This seminar will help you identify a key group of quantitative measurements that will enable you to hold people accountable and drive improved performance.  It will become the basis for your own “Money Ball” approach for more effective management.

** These subjects can be presented as seminars or extended into workshops where practices are applied to individual companies.

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