Chris Carey

Chris is a born educator. He takes complex ideas and makes them understandable. That’s the mark of a brilliant person.”

Chuck Feldman

Chief Information Officer, Distribution Solutions, Inc.

Action Plans


We evaluate all aspects of your business including market position, selling systems and competition, business processes and delivery, culture and leadership, measurement systems and IT support systems. We do an extensive analysis of past financial performance and understand the leverage points in the business. We interview customers and staff to get clarity on the company’s delivery and support and the characteristics of the culture.

Developing a Strategic Plan

We work in conjunction with the management team to develop a comprehensive strategic plan identifying key areas for improvement with specific actions to realize the full potential of what you have built. The plan will be extremely detailed including the potential impact on future financial performance.

Taking Action to Improve Performance

We join you and your team in executing on the plan. We prioritize actions that will have the greatest yield and join in the effort of improvements. You will see improvements within weeks of getting started.