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Chris Carey Advisors provides advisory services to improve financial performance, raise capital and assist in a sale, merger or acquisition.

Chris Carey Advisors Awarded For Chapter 11 Turnaround of EZ Worldwide Express

During a key in-court moment in the bankruptcy case we received a text reporting their largest customer, representing 45% of revenues were cancelling their agreement. The team took the news badly and sensed their legal case would be lost.

“Then Chris brightened and said, “Wait! I know how this business can work without its largest customer!” then sketched a cohesive reorganization plan on the back of an envelope. That plan ultimately drove EZ’s turnaround. Before too long, the largest customer came back, along with many new accounts.”

Warren Martin, Porzio, Bromberg & Newan
attorney and turnaround team leader for EZ Worldwide Express

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