Mergers and Acquisitions

One day you may consider the sale of your business. For most, this is a singular event in your professional lives when you hope to realize the greatest return for all your hard work. But, you will be up against experts who do this for a living and have the tools and knowledge to get the best deal for them and their investors.

Like any endeavor, planning ahead will allow you to position your company to achieve the greatest value. We support a company’s plans for getting to a liquidity event and develop a strategic plan to get the greatest value out of the market. Qualifying past financial performance and building defendable forecasts can make a huge difference in ultimate value received by owners. In addition, we research and identify strategic and financial buyers, join in presentations, analyze offers and support their due diligence and closing efforts.

If you are looking to accelerate your growth with acquisitions, we can assist in identifying prospects, encouraging their interest, performing analysis on valuation and positioning and building an offer, supporting due diligence to qualify value and overseeing legal and accounting efforts to close.