It’s always scary to engage consultants. Will they be worth the price, or all talk? It became very obvious quickly that we had made a good decision hiring Chris Carey. Chris not only helped us see the potential of the technology we had developed, but assisted in quickly vetting out whether our venture really had potential. Chris kept us on task, asked the hard questions, and moved us forward with humor and tenacity. Money absolutely well spent.

Janice Lucero

CEO/President, MVD Express

As an entrepreneur and having operated businesses himself, Chris’s advise to my company was real world and executable. He’s a thoughtful listener and brings no ego to the table. He led us through difficult issues to a meaningful and positive result for all.

George Graham

CEO, Park Realistate Partners

Chris Carey is the secret ingredient in my ability re-invent a 20-year-old company. Chris took my good idea, and has helped turn it into a great idea that is a reality. He’s all in – and cares as much as we do that this works. Our new business line would not be happening without Chris Carey.

Melissa T. Stock

CEO, Optimum Solutions

As a fast growing startup, Chris immediately impressed us with his ability to objectively identify the best outcomes for our business, and the most efficient path to attaining them. As we navigated complex variables, partnerships, and personalities, he led us through an approach that produced the optimal result.

Dave Sepaniak

Managing Partner, Related Risk Management & Compliance

Chris led the charge to secure $2 million in price increases from customers, unheard of in our industry. He also developed the technology group into a profit center, so we began selling technology instead of just providing it. He’s a very bright individual who works through the issues and gets the most out of people.

Ed Bartz

Vice President Finance, Distribution Solutions, Inc.

Chris Carey Advisors developed a program called WOW, which is our approach to engaging our customers and guards in a partnership to improve service. This is far from typical in our industry. It gave me something to offer our customers and greatly improved my ability to sell. Another huge benefit was that our security guards took ownership and pride in their jobs. Chris has a wealth of knowledge. He brings substance to the table and he works hard with you.

Sheref Shahid

Vice President Sales, Motivated Security Services, Inc.

Chris instituted best practices and built and educated our management team that led to 150% growth of the business. He is an expert negotiator and a great dealmaker—someone who can negotiate with the big boys at the CEO level. He is tenacious! I consider Chris a mentor of mine. He taught me a tremendous amount about business. A terrific leader!

Mike Rosensweig

General Manager, DSI

Chris implemented a quantum leap to new technology that helped bring in the company’s largest account. He’s great on the bottom line—analyzing accounts and establishing profitability. Chris is clear-thinking and decisive and can see down the road. He’s entrepreneurial, unconventional, and quicker than most.

Mort Goldfein

Attorney, Saiber Schlesinger Satz & Goldstein, LLC

Chris helped us focus. He provided real solutions and strategies to effect client retention, margin, and growth.  He’s phenomenal at working with a family business. He crafted a deal for me that no one else could have done. He is unique in that he sees the big picture and can also drill down—not the case with most consultants and business advisors I’ve worked with. Chris gets to the heart of the matter quickly and just gets it fixed. He uses examples from his own experience to show what works. He’s able to get through tough, inflammatory issues. One of the smartest people I know!

Kathleen Jackson

President, Motivated

Chris grounded us in reality and cleaned up our act financially. He is relentless, constantly challenging you while being a great motivator. He can look at your company objectively and steer you in the right direction. He’s knowledgeable, intelligent, and engaging—thinks out of the box. Lots of struggling companies out there could use Chris’s help.

Eric Jala

Controller, Motivated

Chris set up clean lines of communication and a reporting structure that led to high levels of customer satisfaction. He taught everyone new skill sets. We reached productivity gains so we’re making more money. He executes a laser-fast implementation—Chris is a great action guy. Friendly, outgoing, and sharp.

Rob Walther

Vice President, Jefco